GMI and Automation Technology: new partnership for a Safety Culture

Dec 05, 2019 / by GM International

Topics: GMI World

GM International collaborates with the magazine 'Automation Technology', the official AIS and ISA Italy associations’ organ. The magazine - presented last November 19th in Milan - will be both in Italian and in English and will be published quarterly.

The aim of the magazine is to offer the reader a broad and updated overview of the automation, instrumentation and safety world, focusing on the process industry, and without excluding the discrete production, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

The technological content base will be complemented by transversal themes and cross sections: business processes, product life cycle, technical analysis, business consultancy, new skills. And of course, all the news about products, trade fairs and events, associations’ activities and interviews with the opinion leaders.

This collaboration will contribute to the spread of a culture based on safety. Therefore, in every issue of the magazine there will be an article already published in GM International blog (see also our blog). GM International will participate in this informative ecosystem with the aim of broadening the horizons of technical culture and helping to keep "the antennas" constantly tuned in to innovation with new contributions, especially with reference to the sectors such as oil & gaspetrochemical and pharmaceutical. We strongly believe that safety is an attitude to develop rather than an obligation to discharge. This is the reason why we have created different tools for our users (like for example: Safety AcademyFSE CoursesGMI SIL Manual, etc.) that will contribute in developing the knowledge and the skills of the people that work in these sectors. By consulting the first issue of "Automation Technology", you will find on page 31 the GMI article focused on the progress for the Fire & Gas sector (read it also in our blog by clicking here).


We invite you to follow us on this new channel and we will keep you updated on this activity that will certainly characterize the whole 2020!


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