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Mar 18, 2020 / by GM International

Topics: GMI Products&Certifications

Certifications obtained by GMI products

GM International complies with IEC 61508 standard for the production of safety systems up to SIL3. GM International products have been granted Intrinsic Safety certificates from the most credited Notified Bodies in the world, and complies with Functional Safety standards ensuring the highest levels of reliability and manufacturing quality.


SIL certifications: D5038, D5039, D6038, D6039, D5090-102 and D5091-103

D5038 and D5039 modules accept contact/proximity inputs from hazardous areas and repeat the signal in a safe area. Suitable for use in environments with high level of risks, they are certified SIL 2 (D5038), SIL 3 (D5039) according to IEC 61508: 2010. The same applies to those modules not intrinsically safe, D6038 and D6039.

D5090-102 and D5091-103 are relays module suitable for switching safety related circuits, up to SIL 3 level, for high risk industries and provide isolation between input and output contacts.
These models are specifically designed to reach high functional safety at minimum power consumption and low input voltage.


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