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Jul 16, 2020 / by GM International

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Certifications obtained by GMI products

GM International products have been granted certificates from the most credited Notified Bodies. Our products passed strict audit and tests and the obtained certifications highlight our commitment to quality and safety, allowing our products to be used all over the world.


The following modules of GMI D5000 and D5200 series have obtained ECAS-Ex certification for UAE market by Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology: D5011, D5014, D5020, D5030, D5031, D5032, D5034, D5048, D5049, D5090, D5036, D5037, D5090-086, D5091, D5093, D5094, D5095, D5096, D5097, D5290, D5290-078, D5291, D5293, D5294, D5295, D5072, D5072-087, D5273, D5062, D5254, D5040, D5240, D5098, D5038, D5039.

G.M. International enhanced Isolators, Signal and Temperature Converters, Intrinsically Safe Trip Amplifiers and Power Supplies provide the simplest and cost-effective means of implementing Intrinsic Safety into Hazardous Area applications.

D5000 and D5200 series modules general features:

  • More than 25 modules suitable for SIL 3 applications according to IEC 61508, IEC 61511.
  • Independent power supply circuit for each channel.
  • Double units are equivalent to two single units because of the absence of common circuitry.
  • Single channel versions available if required, to provide single loop integrity on Emergency Shut Down and Fire & Gas applications.
  • Configuration via software, directly in the field.
  • LED indication for power, signal status and line fault conditions.
  • Modules accept DC power supply over a wide range for 24 Vdc (20-30 Vdc) applications.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +60/+70 °C.
  • Installation in Zone 2 / Division 2.
  • Certified for Offshore and Marine applications.


ECAS-Ex certification numbers: 20-03-07863/E20-03-002526 - 20-04-10527/E20-04-000821

20-04-10530/E20-04-000822 - 20-04-10532/E20-04-000824 - 20-04-10531/E20-04-000823

20-04-10534/E20-04-000825 - 20-04-10536/E20-04-000826


For more information related to certificates, please visit product page on our website.



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