New Digital Output units: D5040S, D5040D, D5240T

Nov 17, 2014 / by GM International

Topics: GMI Products&Certifications

GM International presents three new Digital Output IS interfaces: D5040S, D5040D and D5240T, which are able to isolate and drive solenoid valves, visual or audible alarms, or other process control devices in Hazardous Area. Alternatively they can serve as controllable supplies to power measuring or process control equipment. 

All three models are ATEX/IECEx certified and approved for Maritime applications by DNV and KR.
Three channels model D5240T is software configurable and offers Modbus Output with an open and documented protocol which gives the possibility to read and configure the barrier remotely. Single and double channels models D5040S and D5040D, have already been certified SIL 3 by TUV according to IEC 61508:2010.

Multiple Output configurations allow for a wide range of applications, interfacing the majority of devices on the market. 

Check all specifications from the links below.

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  • D5040D - SIL 3 Digital Output Driver, NE Loads, Loop Powered
  • D5040S - SIL 3 Digital Output Driver, NE Loads, Loop Powered
  • D5240T - SIL 2 Digital Output Driver, NE Loads, Bus Powered