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Jun 25, 2020 / by GM International

Topics: GMI World, Safety news

GM International has a special weekly program of Live Webinars to share important topics related to safety and offer support to all professionals of our field. Each live webinar is designed to transfer skills, technical updates, and practical experiences and then, you can ask for more information directly to our experts!

Participation is free upon registration and all webinars will be held in English.


Join us to exchange knowledge on interesting topics and keep you updated!

Here all planned webinars!



First July webinars will be on:

July 2nd, at 7.00 AM CET: Functional Safety Management (FSM)

We will explain the importance of the normative requirement for every supplier of product or service active in the safety life cycle.

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July 7th, at 11 AM CET: Zener Barriers vs I.S. Isolators: choose the best solution for hazardous areas

This webinar will be application focused on Intrinsic safety solutions based, open discussion for all participants about features and real applications.

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July 7th, at 4 PM CET: SIL Manual 4th edition of GM International

We will provide you with an executive summary of what to expect in the SIL manual 4th edition of GM International.

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July 9th, at 5.00 PM CET: IEC 61511 Lifecycle overview

In this webinar we will explain with a practical example on how to use the lifecycle phases in a systematic way.

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