GM International doesn't stop its activities

Mar 09, 2020 / by GM International

Topics: GMI World

Dear Customers, Channel Partners and Colleagues,

As most of you already know, the Italian Government has decided to extend the quarantine across Lombardy, GM International headquarter’s Region, and fourteen provinces of Norther Italy to control the current outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

At GMI, we are working in compliance with the indications of the Government decree regarding the containment of the COVID-19, implementing all the necessary precautionary measures to protect the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

In view of this, our employees in Italy have the option to work from home and when a physical presence is necessary, we guarantee that all the relevant rules are observed.

We are continuing to support our customers, answering their requests as usual, leveraging all the technologies at our disposal in doing so.

Our production has not being impacted from the COVID-19 situation and, furthermore, we are increasing our stocks both of finished products, as well as of strategic components.

For any other information you might need, please refer to your GM International contact person or reach out us at