Fabrizio Sala visited Aquasan and GM International Companies

Jan 12, 2018 / by GM International

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Lombardy Region’s Vice President visited two excellences from Villasanta (MB)

Lombardy Region’s Vice President, Fabrizio Sala, continues his tour among the entrepreneurial excellences of the Brianza area (Read also here and here).

The day before yesterday morning, he visited two Companies in Villasanta

Wednesday 10th January, Sala visited Aquasan and GM International in Villasanta, welcomed by Letizia Landrini, Aquasan Holder, Simone Timolina, Aquasan Sales Manager, Glisente Landrini GM International President with his sons Paolo, Francesco, Giorgio and Massimo.

Aquasan Company, global leader in water filters production with its license which exploits natural and bacteriostatic opportunities of silver, it’s also very active in the social field and collaborates with La Speranza in Villasanta and Il Capannone in Concorezzo Cooperatives.

GM International Company is global leader in the production of safety galvanic isolators for instrumentation and systems in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Sala’s words

“Message from this reality is extremely positive and decisive both economically and socially. Brianza area is a land of opportunities thanks also to our business men who fully represent family, passion, hard work and solidarity values; our territory is big and competitive thanks to this values.”

That’s what said Fabrizio Sala, Lombardy Region Vice President and House Assessor, Social Housing, Expo and Companies Internalization during the “Brianza’s Strenght” Corporate Tour.



Translated from Il Giornale di Monza


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