D5096S GMI Relay for a safety strategy based on-line monitoring

Aug 01, 2019 / by GM International

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Safety of industrial processes is a fundamental aspect to guarantee an operational environment that is safe from threats.
A secure plant allows the protection of heterogeneous company resources and allows savings on costs. An important worldwide gas company has chosen GM International as its reference brand to develop a comprehensive safety solution able to cover all present and future needs in coil controlling and monitoring.



The company felt the need to adapt the safety loop in its plants, no longer adequate and that represented a disadvantage.

The installations at the plants included just one solenoid valve connected to the DO card of Yokogawa (Prosafe RS – SD541) without any feature about the coil operation in case of malfunction, that means without a feedback if the coil was out/burned.

Prevention of the contact chattering, spurious load activation/deactivation and premature damage of the relay unit is a critical success factor.


solution: D5096S

Considering the specific customer requests, GMI offered the opportunity to test the D5096S, at the first stage, in order to know all the features offered by the device. Line monitoring is the solution provided to the customer to have a feedback in case something is wrong on the solenoid valve. With GMI D5096S it is possible to obtain information on the DO card (SD541), through its alarm the customer could be informed quickly of all the electrical malfunctions. Line monitoring pulses are generated by DO cards to verify the integrity of the line and load, in either energized or de-energized state.
GMI D5096S safety relay was connected to the Yokogawa Prosafe RS (SDV541 DO card) and to the solenoid valve Asco Joucomatic (series 126) Eex d

GMI D5096S is a relay module suitable for the switching of safety related circuits, up to SIL 3 level for high risk industries and are used in critical loops where careful consideration should be given to line and load monitoring. It provides isolation between input and output contacts. A wide compatibility towards different DCS/PLC is guaranteed: driving line pulse testing, executed by DCS/PLC, is permitted by a dedicated internal circuit, to prevent relay and LED flickering. D5096S has 2+2 SPST relay contacts connected in parallel and then in series to avoid spurious trip and to increase availability.

Control system diagnostic capabilities are designed to work when no device is interposed between the control system and the load. If a relay is placed in the loop, the diagnostic function stops at the relay input circuit. To perform line monitoring from field device to controller, a SIL relay with built in diagnostic circuit is required.

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The adoption of GMI solutions has allowed the company to structure a safety platform in line with the corporate plants’ safety strategy and then thanks to GMI safety relay characteristics in terms of compact design, the customer was able to integrate it in its infrastructure efficiently, without any expensive add-on features.

Another important advantage was represented by the power bus system that consists of standard DIN-Rail modules mounted on DIN-Rail Bus connectors. With GMI devices, it is always possible to remove modules, without disconnecting the bus connector which remains attached to the DIN Rail. Communication bus is provided, on suitable models, to transmit via Modbus to DCS PLC logic solver. Cumulative Fault Alarm indication is provided on the Bus connection.


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